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Crêpes do not work.

The most frequent cause for unsatisfactory results is the condition of the dough. If the dough has been prepared with too much grease, it will be too heavy.

In this case, you should use less grease:

  • Butter, if it's in the recipe, must be reduced
  • Increase the amount of milk and reduce the amount of cream accordingly
  • Use small eggs - class S- more egg yolk (egg white has a higher proportion of grease)

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Tips for the Crêpes maker

Crêpes can be enjoyed not only pure. They can also be filled with sweet or savoury fillings. The finished crêpes can be rolled, folded or draped while they are hot.

Prepare a thin dough (consistency like coffee cream) so that your crêpes will be thinner.

Firmly rolled-up crêpes look good on salad creations. Spread a thin sheet of herbal quark on a crêpe and roll it up. Simply cut the rolled-up crêpes into 1/2 cm pieces and distribute them on the salad.

Instead of quark, all types of spreads or mayonnaise with various colourful ingredients are suitable as well. Mix chopped baby spinach with an egg and distribute the mixture on the crêpes. Roll up the crêpes, leave them to cool and then cut them into 1 cm sized pieces = a delicious addition for clear broths.

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Crêpes cakes

Crêpes cakes are a very special dessert!

For example: Alternately, pile the following ingredients 7 cm high: 1 crêpe, whipped cream, a few sliced almonds, thinly-sliced strawberries. The last layer should be a crêpe; sprinkle powdered sugar over it.

Savoury crêpes cakes are made with creamed horseradish and smoked salmon or cream cheese, bell pepper and radish filling. Then, cut each into 8 pieces and they enhance any buffet.

You can eat crêpes freshly-prepared or they can be kept warm in a covered bowl in the oven at 80°C. 

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