Do the accessories fit my old ESGE-Zauberstab model?

All attachments/spare parts/accessories fit as well as new models as this is a Swiss quality product (regardless of the year of manufacture or model).

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The drive shaft of the ESGE-Zauberstab does not turn anymore.

First, as described in the operating manual on page 12, you can place the working part of the appliance in a container with hot water for 5 minutes. Then switch on the appliance and let it run in this water briefly.

If this measure is unsuccessful, you should attempt to carefully loosen the shaft with a pair of pliers. If the ESGE-Zauberstab is not often in use,it is possible bits of food residues can settle and become hard and, as a consequence, block the shaft bearing.

If these measures do not work, you can also send the appliance to our customer service for testing.

We offer our customers central factory customer service at our head office in Hockenheim. This ensures that the repair will be executed by specialised experts quickly and cost effectively.

Please send your with a brief description to:

Dept. Customer Service
Mannheimer Strasse 4
D 68766 Hockenheim

Tel +49 6205/9418-27, Fax –22

Please tell us the maximum amount of repair costs that you would be willing to pay for. If the repair costs exceed, this amount or if the repair is no longer possible or effective, you will receive from us in advance a quotation for the repair or a replacement offer.

The protective hood cannot be mounted (can no longer be mounted)

Please note that the protective hood has left-hand thread, this means you must turn it counter-clockwise.

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Can the protective hood of the appliance be washed in the dishwasher?

The protective hood of the ESGE-Zauberstab is made of polished die-cast aluminium. This polishing will be damaged if the protective hood is cleaned in the dishwasher. Due to the chemical cleaning agents in the dishwasher, oxidation with the aluminium occurs which tarnishes or discolours the metal.

A similar effect occurs due to food acids if the ESGE-Zauberstab is not cleaned directly after use, or if the ESGE-Zauberstab remains for a longer time in a food acid.

For this reason, we ask you specifically to comply would again expressly request that you comply with the care and cleaning instructions in our manual and do not clean the protective hood in the dishwasher. Furthermore, we suggest you to clean the ESGE-Zauberstab immediately after using it to process food acids.

A protective hood made of stainless steel would result in significantly higher costs, which ultimately the users of the appliance would not be prepared to pay.

Alternatively, you can order a white-coated protective hood with our customer service; this does not change colour.

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What is the best way to clean the ESGE-Zauberstab?

It is important to clean the ESGE-Zauberstab under flowing water or to place it in water and let it run briefly after each use. This prevents bits of food from blocking the shaft bearing. You should also put some oil on the shaft from time to time. However, you can find this information in the manual under “Care and cleaning"as well. If you take care and clean of your ESGE-Zauberstab as described in the manual, will be satisfied with this high-quality product for a long time.

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How do I foam milk with the ESGE-Zauberstab?

All models of the ESGE-Zauberstab are suitable for whipping milk. In this process, the protein contained in the milk is whipped.

Milk with a fat content of 1.5% or less is most suitable in this regard because there is a balanced proportion of fat and protein.

Please note the following when whipping hot milk:

The milk temperature should be maximum 50°C to 55°C at maximum. If the milk is hotter, it will no longer foam.

When whipping cold milk, please note the following:

Freeze the milk slightly until ice crystals form in the milk. Alternatively, you can freeze the milk in ice cube bags, remove 3-4 ice cubes and crush them with the multi-knife in the cup of the ESGE-Zauberstab. Then, pour milk into the cup to a level of approximately 3 - 4 cm, and whip the milk with the whipping disc.

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Is the ESGE-Zauberstab 'Gastro' suitable for the private household?

The ESGE-Zauberstab Gastro 200 is developed and designed for restaurant requirements and therefore suitable for larger quantities.

The wattage and the performance respectively (12,000/17,000 RPMs), is aimed at restaurant requirements.

This appliance is not necessarily suitable for private household use, unless large quantities are usually prepared (for example in a large family). Therefore, there is a longer drive shaft (approximately 18 cm, housing excluded) than is provided by other appliances equipped with a drive shaft length of 14 cm.

Naturally, smaller quantities can also be prepared with the Gastro 200. However, this may be a little inconvenient because the containers vessels in a private household are usually smaller than they are in a restaurant.

If you are looking for an ESGE-Zauberstab for standard private use, we would advise you not to purchase the Gastro 200 because the longer drive shaft can be a hindrance.

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Can I chop ice with the ESGE-Zauberstab?

All of our models of the ESGE-Zauberstab are suitable for chopping ice. However, you need to be aware that only smaller amounts can be processed and that ESGE-Zauberstab is switched on for pulse operation (not for continuous operation).

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Consequently, we would be pleased to make you a so-called replacement offer. By sending in your old appliance, you can purchase a new appliance from our current product range for an attractive price. Replacement prices are specified below.

901200 - M 100 D Design87,99 €59,75 €
903100 - M 122127,99 €82,80 €
905500 - M 160 Silverline159,99 €102,99 €
906100 - M 160 G Gourmet159,99 €100,15 €
907250 - M 180 S Schuhbeck214,99 €114,01 €
908500 - G 200174,99 €112,59 €
908500 - G 350249,99 €160,32 €

Shipping costs and 19% VAT are included in the replacement prices. These are new appliances with guarantee as well as complete accessories. If you would like to order a replacement appliance, please contact our service department or contact us online via our contact form.

Customer Service

Mannheimer Str. 4
D 68766 Hockenheim

Telefon +49 (0) 62 05/94 18 - 27
Telefax +49 (0) 62 05/94 18 - 22

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The attachments do no longer stay firmly on the shaft, what should I do?

The multi-knife as well as the other accessories must be fixed on the axle. This means they must be seated firmly but at the same time pilable enough for an easy removal. As a consequence, these parts are all equipped with a spring element, which is likely to wear out sometime.

By means of pliers you, can bend the spring element attachment slightly to the inside. In our manual, the bending together of the spring element is described as a simple method for maintaining the device. Therefore, it does not represent improper use.

If this measure has no effect, you can contact (also per telephone) our customer service, so that we can help you to decide whether the device needs to be sent to our workshop for repair, or purchase of new attachment parts will be sufficient.

Our central factory customer service ensures fast and cost-effective repairs by specialised experts.

Dept. customer service
Mannheimer Strasse 4
68766 Hockenheim

Telephone +49 62 05/94 18-27
Fax +49 62 05/94 18-22

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